Why Write?

Yesterday was a pretty regular Monday in my life. Worked during the day, spent some time in the morning and the evening working on my hobbies (mostly writing and RVing), and had some friends over for our monthly discussion about the Civil War. A pretty good day, especially for a Monday.

But, and not once, not twice, but three times, my day was given an extra little shot of joy, a reminder why it’s worth getting up at 4:00 in the morning to write a chapter or research part of the next book in the Brock series. Certainly, there is the intrinsic joy in doing so, the creative outlet (turns out I am NOT a great musician!), and the sense of accomplishment when working on and actually finishing a book, but sometimes, there is more.

I woke to find the following picture in my inbox. A friend had taken the time to take the book with her to Markleeville, California, and snap a beautiful picture. I spent time thinking of how generous it was that she did that, how nice I found the thought of an old friend enjoying “Coyote Courage” and, now, “Coyote Creek.” What really made it fun was thinking that she had found the perfect background, a place where Brock may have ridden. I took a few minutes and thought about that.



Later in the day, I received a message from a friend…

“I really can’t wait for the next one! I picked up the first one on day one of our camping trip, and finished the second one on the way home…”

What more could an author ask for? Someone picked up “Coyote Courage,” in all likelihood because we are friends and she maybe felt a little sense of obligation. But to find she then raced through and enjoyed both books on a weekend camping trip was just thrilling to hear.

And to close out the night, I received the following shot from a friend in Michigan…

She had read the first book and said she was settling in to read the second. It is an absolute joy to think of people sitting down to read about Brock, Huck, Sophie, and everyone in and around Dry Springs. It takes a very special process, writing and publishing a book, and makes it extraordinary. Thank you to those who read “Coyote Courage” and “Coyote Creek,” and an extra thank you to those who send these amazing pictures and the generous and touching notes.

I’m hard at work on “Coyote Canyon!”

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