When All Hell Breaks Loose

Russ Towne is a friend who writes books in a variety of genres, including children’s books — which I love. But in the past year or so, Russ has worked his way into the world of Westerns, and he is a welcome addition. We’ve done a few projects together, which have all been enjoyable. Russ’ latest release is “When All Hell Breaks Loose: The Epic Adventure of Longshot Hanson.” I’ll let Russ introduce Longshot Hanson…

During the Civil War, young Leith Hanson quickly becomes known as the best shot in his unit. He is so accurate that he quickly earns the nickname Longshot and is selected for a special sharpshooter unit. After the war, Longshot just wants to put the war behind him and move on with his life, but friends from those bloody days need a man with his special skills to help them overcome terrible odds just to stay alive. 

Russ gives us four stories: “Too Many Notches in My Soul,” “War Wounds,” “School of Hostages” and my favorite, “Annie’s Longshots.”

In addition to the same main character, the thing that ties all of Russ’ stories together is that they start quick, with plenty of action, and just keep going from there. Each one is like a roller coaster ride, and they’re just plain good old-fashioned fun to read.


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