The Guns of Gray Buffalo

For those kind enough to follow my blogs closely, you may remember that I reviewed a Robert Hanlon book, “Timber: United States Marshal,” back on Oct. 18. “The Guns of Gray Buffalo” is the second book in Hanlon’s “Timber” series (probably the first and last to not include Timber in the title), and it’s a fun one, better than the first. The writing and the character mature, and it makes for a richer reading experience, but no less fun. The following is from the publisher and captures the book pretty darn well…

Marshal Jake Timber has been tasked with collecting Gray Buffalo, an Indian accused of the murder of the president of a stage line, from Fort Collins and bringing him back to Denver for justice. Gray Buffalo’s people aren’t about to let him leave, however. They attack the fort in earnest, overwhelming both in skill and number the small attachment of greenhorn soldiers stationed there. Timber must be both marshal and army officer, as he teaches the soldiers how to fight Indians. Will Gray Buffalo be rescued by his tribe? Or will he be forced to face his destiny in front of the judge?

I hope you’ll give “The Guns of Gray Buffalo” a try, and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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December 1, 2018 at 7:29 pm

Mr. Harris, might I ask when your third novel in the grand canyon series is due to be published on amazon? I saw the tales of the grand canyon and purchased it, as well as the first two books, but haven’t been able to find the third. I also have your first coyote series and the caz novels, which i find very different. I hope you wi!l not be offended if I say I prefer your Brock series. But it is only an opinion. Thank you and take care and keep writing please. Your stories are very well done and I love them.
Chris Clagg


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