Book Review: Shorty Thompson U.S. Marshal, #1

Shorty Thompson U.S. Marshal” is Paul L. Thompson’s first book in the Shorty Thompson series, which now totals more than 40 books. And this is a problem. The reason it’s a problem is because I enjoyed the first book in the series and will feel compelled to keep reading – the natural drawbacks to loving good books and having OCD.

Shorty No.1 is a fun read — fast-paced and plenty of action — but you still get to know and like — or hate — the characters and, at least for me, I bought into Shorty and want to read more. Shorty has a sense of humor to go along with all the strength his diminutive size can muster, a lightening quick gun and temper, and a sense of right and wrong. We’re taken down a winding path with Shorty, which results in him meeting the President and becoming a United States Marshall, surprising himself and everyone who knows him.

He puts his badge to good use, stopping rustlers and crooked Indian agents while unafraid to tackle the United States Army. We learn how he befriended a Comanche, Tall Eagle, and they take turns saving each other’s lives, in addition to reading about how he saved the life of James “Buffalo” Blackburn, winding up as one of the West’s richest men as a result.

It’s a fun book as a stand-alone Western and even more fun when you think about how Thompson has set himself — and Shorty — up for an almost unlimited number of tales. Enjoy!

Three horseshoes.

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