Shaved Head

Yesterday, I cut my hair. I don’t mean I had it cut, I mean I cut it. I took clippers and a 1/4-inch comb attachment and almost cut off all of my hair. The reactions have been fun. Normally, when you get a haircut and people notice, the conversation goes something like this…

“Get your hair cut?”


“Looks good.”

Today was different. The conversations were shorter:

“Cut your hair?”


Not one person followed up with “Looks good.” — leading me to believe it doesn’t. On top of that, a few people looked up, noticed the haircut, started to say something and then, remembering their mom saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” chose not to say anything.

I found it pretty funny and, since I’ve never been one able to “get by on my looks,”
it certainly wasn’t a problem. However, while the question has so far gone unasked, I thought I’d share why I cut it so short. Here are a handful of reasons…

  1. Zero time spent in hair care. Just dry and go.
  1. I will never (or perhaps, always) have a “bad hair day.”
  1. If I wake up in the morning and run out to do an errand or two before showering, I won’t have “bed head.”
  1. Similar to reason number three, if I take a quick nap, which I love doing, I’m happy not to look like Alfalfa from “The Little Rascals.”
  1. Perhaps my favorite reason is that I now get to wear the variety of Irish caps that I’ve collected over the years. If I wore them previously, as soon as I took them off (entering a home, arriving at a meeting, etc.) my hair stuck up all over. Now? Not a problem.

The one downside is that I’ve lost a lot of weight lately, or at least enough that a few discreet inquiries were made about my health. My wife pointed out this morning that now people will for sure think I have cancer, which I do not. No sense of style, perhaps, but thankfully not cancer,

Anyway, my new haircut simplifies, it’s easy and my wife gave me permission for it. However, based on her face when she first saw it, this will likely be the last time.