’Twas the night before the night before Christmas and without any warning, I was hit with a stomachache, what my mom (and I’m sure millions of other mothers) used to call a “tummy ache.” I marched myself straight to bed and curled up in the fetal position. Cold sweats, shivering and an achy stomach — not fun. Not critical, of course, but not fun.

My dear wife asked if she could do anything and nothing came to mind, at first. But then, buried deep in my childhood memories came the thought of saltines. My mom used to give them to my siblings and me every time we had a tummy ache, and they always seemed to work. I hadn’t eaten a saltine in maybe decades and was very surprised to learn we had them in the house.

Randi brought me a sleeve of saltines and I started popping them like M&M’s®. I don’t know if they actually (medically) helped, but after 15 minutes and a full sleeve eaten, my stomach felt fine.

It may very well have actually been the saltines, it may have been the power of suggestion or it may have been the pleasant memories of my mom nursing me as a sick kid. I lost my mom last year and miss the heck out of her.

But what struck me (other than how much better I felt!) was that the saltines worked, both then and now, so the reason didn’t really matter. I wonder how many things there are like that in each of our lives — some conscious and some unconscious — buried deep, but still there. I’ve spent the last couple of hours running some very pleasant childhood memories through my mind. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Thanks Randi for having the saltines and thanks mom. I miss you and love you.