Review Mea Culpa

It’s Sunday morning as I write this. As often as possible, I spend part of Sunday going through some of the Amazon reviews that people have been kind enough to post about books I have written. I make an effort to respond to each one, good or bad, and find the process to be enjoyable.

I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t admit to wondering why there are not more reviews for my books. It is the standard “complaint” of every writer, and a quick glance at Facebook posts from my fellow writers inevitably finds a couple that point out how important these reviews are to our books, to helping us find a new and larger audience. And just to be clear, if you find a writer who says they don’t care about sales, they’re lying. The only writers who don’t care about sales are the ones who never publish their books. Otherwise, why publish the dang things?

But this is not another blog or Facebook post about asking you, the reader, to please take five minutes (it’s never the 30 seconds promised in so many posts) and share your thoughts on my book—though you are, of course, welcome to.

This is a blog post for me to apologize to my fellow writers and publicly admit that I just realized how few reviews I actually write. It seems a little hypocritical (though I’d rather be thought of as thoughtless than hypocritical) to wonder why more people don’t take time out of their busy days to post reviews (hopefully favorable) about my books, when I so infrequently do the same for books I have read.

So, I will keep this blog post short and head off to Amazon, where I will post reviews for the three books I finished this week. Since I enjoyed all three books, it’ll be fun!

Have a great day, and if you have a few extra minutes, please consider posting a review for a book you’ve recently read. I promise you, the author will be grateful!

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