Movie Review: Colorado Ranger

“Colorado Ranger” is a one-hour, black and white “B” (maybe even “C”) Western. It was one of a series collection of six movies shot in a month — and it shows. The movie is riddled with mistakes and inconsistencies, but is no less fun as a result.

There is plenty of shooting throughout the movie, but no one is killed and only a couple of people even get nicked. There are some good ol’ fashioned fist fights, showing off the talents of the early 1950s stuntmen. The story is a little convoluted but seems to be based on a greedy land baron waiting to move good honest homesteaders off their land.
There’s plenty of poker being played, and it seems that everyone cheats, but no one does it well. There’s a pretty girl, who can ride fast and use a gun and apparently runs a ranch. You figure someone has to end up with her, but since it’s hard to know who’s good and who’s bad, you’re never really sure until the end.

If for no other reason, it’s worth watching “Colorado Ranger” for the two babysitting scenes. For reasons that are not apparent at any point, not once but twice, an infant is babysat by different groups of “leadslingers.” In both cases, the infant is supplied with a loaded gun to use as a teething ring/pacifier and then as a toy. It’s hard to imagine a scene like this working with today’s sensibilities, but it’s interesting to see an infant with a six-gun stuck in his mouth.

“Colorado Ranger” has some humorous moments and, to its credit, doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. If you approach it without expecting too much, it’s a fun hour.


Two horseshoes.

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