Mile 47: Website

In the previous blog post on having an author Facebook page separate from your personal Facebook page, I acknowledged that I am not certain how great the return on your investment of time is. While I think there is little to no risk or downside, I can’t promise that it will make a huge difference in sales.

The very same can be said for having an author website.

Again, even without a predictable return on the investment of time and dollars, I do have a website for my Western world: When I first developed it, it was quite extensive, with a section for the blog, a photo section where people took pictures of my books in locations around the world, links to all things Western, etc.

Candidly, after a while, I found it took up too much time (time I could be spending on writing), so I had it pared down. Now it’s pretty much my blog posts (which can easily be found on my Amazon Author Page), a bio and some information on my books.

I was recently at a Western Writers of America event, and one of the seminars highlighted the belief that in today’s world, authors’ website pages are antiquated and not worth the time and trouble. While I remain unconvinced that that’s true, the argument is certainly not without merit, and I think it is completely reasonable to not go to the expense and trouble of developing and maintaining a website. In all candor, if I didn’t own a marketing company where the excellent people I have on staff can do this for me, I doubt that I would have a website.

If you do choose to have a website, there are a number of online resources you can find that will sell you a relatively easy-to-use template that will make building the site fairly simple and cost effective.

I strongly suggest that if you decide to have one, start small. I started with eight to 10 separate areas on my site and found they either took too much time to update or, worse, I didn’t update them, and the site looked abandoned. Neither is good.

Keep it clean, simple, fun and entertaining, and as long as you enjoy having it, there is no real downside. And there’s always the possibility that new readers will find your site, find it and you interesting, and be motivated to purchase and read your books!

I wish you good writing, and if you have a question or something you’d like to share, send me an email at [email protected].

Thank you, enjoy and keep writing!


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