I hadn’t read any of Ken Farmer’s books, but I’ve been following him for a bit. He was nice enough to contact me about another project, and I took the opportunity to ask him which of his books would be a good one to start with. He suggested Flynn, the eighth book in his “The Nations” series. It was a kick to read.

First, it’s different right off the bat because he has a female deputy U.S. marshal, Fiona Mae Miller. You don’t see that too often. It was easy to like Fiona and be impressed by her, and I loved following her throughout out the book. Farmer gives us three more good guys: U.S. Marshal Brushy Bill Roberts, Sheriff Mason Flynn and Texas Ranger Bodie Hickman.

Farmer gets us interested in all four of the good guys, for me especially Marshal Fiona, and introduces a doppelganger for Sheriff Flynn who adds a whole new layer. And then, from out of left field, comes a tiny alien with special skills. Yep, an alien.

I will admit I’m normally not one who likes to mix sci-fi with my Westerns, but Farmer does it in a way that somehow seems natural and draws you even deeper into his tail.

A couple of final notes. Farmer keeps his book moving at a good pace, and in addition to creating a story with a couple of new twists, he obviously does his homework and mixes in some history lessons that are fun to read.

I hope you give it a try, and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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Ken Farmer
November 8, 2018 at 7:09 am

Thanks for the great review, Scott. I really appreciate it.
Ken Farmer


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