Destiny at Dry Camp

“Destiny at Dry Camp” is John Nesbitt’s newest novel. A man named Dunbar rides into the town of Dry Camp, and from the very beginning, he is a mystery. Others may figure him out sooner than I did, but the way Nesbitt wrote the story, I’d just about have him nailed own, and then he’d slip away. It kept me turning the pages.

Anyway, Dunbar catches on as a ranch hand at Rich Stanton’s place, the Clay Creek ranch. But he lasts only a couple of days before the racist foreman, Paul Kelso, picks a fight with Dunbar, loses, and in anger, fires him and at the same time, for absolutely no reason, fires the youngest hand, Whit Barnett. During those couple of days, Dunbar and Whit are part of a search party that discovers the body of old Ross Guilford. Dunbar, not believing it was an accident, starts to do a little exploring on his own, taking Whit with him.

They discover some old town secrets, but the cost of that knowledge is the lives of many of those who live in town or work on the surrounding ranches. A gunfighter is brought into town, which escalates the already heated situation. Nesbitt does a good job with plot and character development, and as he picks up speed toward the end, you might not even notice how you got swept up in the story.

Nesbitt lives in Wyoming and teaches at Eastern Wyoming College. “Destiny at Dry Camp” is one of more than 30 books he’s written, many of which have received a variety of awards. He also writes short stories (also award winners), articles, poetry and reviews. I think you’ll enjoy “Destiny at Dry Camp,” and if you didn’t already know Nesbitt’s work, you may very well discover a new favorite author.



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