Weekend Random Thoughts

The Two Utes

I’m working on the third book in the Brock Clemons series, tentatively named “Coyote Canyon.” One of the joys of writing this series, is doing the research, learning more about the time period, the people who lived in the Old West and the challenges they faced. In the second book, “Coyote Creek,” I introduce two

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Me… Brock?

The protagonist of my first two Western novels, “Coyote Courage” and “Coyote Creek,” is Brock Clemons. Brock has many of the standard Western hero traits: tall, handsome, fast with a gun, strong with a fist and unable to stomach injustice, especially when it involves women and children. I have also intentionally made him flawed, with

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I was contacted by a publisher yesterday who would like to publish both of my Westerns, “Coyote Courage” and “Coyote Creek,” as well as any future Western novels I write. He went so far as to send a contract, which is being reviewed now by my son, who is an attorney, and my daughter, who is

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Quite the Compliment

I was recently at a blues club, getting ready to listen to some great music. We had a few people in our group, and shortly before the band came on, a friend of friend walked up to me, introduced himself and shared that he had read “Coyote Courage.” He went on to say that he

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Why Write?

Yesterday was a pretty regular Monday in my life. Worked during the day, spent some time in the morning and the evening working on my hobbies (mostly writing and RVing), and had some friends over for our monthly discussion about the Civil War. A pretty good day, especially for a Monday. But, and not once,

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My son recently shot a coyote with a BB gun. When he suggested it, I agreed that it was a good (sad, but necessary) idea and so he did it. We live in an old horse neighborhood — no streetlights, no sidewalks — and we back up to a creek and an arroyo. In the

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The Afternoon I Met Sam Elliot

My wife, Randi, and I try to have two to three television programs at any one time that we record and watch at our leisure. It eliminates commercials (as someone who owns an ad agency, I see the irony) and keeps our television viewing (not counting Packer games) to two to three hours per week.

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A Life on the Road

We’re wrapping up a two-week, 5,000-mile RV road trip. It’s been great, but we head back home today. I’m lying in bed, reading, watching the sun come up over the northern Nevada mountains and listening to one of the great sounds – a train whistle. I’m also listening to the gentle snoring of my wife

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