Tuesday’s Trail Notes

Mile 3: Short Story, Novella or Novel?

As I write this series of blogs, I am making three assumptions about the you, the reader. Granted, assumptions are often dangerous, so please forgive me if I’m off. First, you’re interested in writing and the process in and around writing. Second, you want to write fiction. While writing nonfiction (which many of you have

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Mile 2: Why Write?

A question I am frequently asked, especially by friends and family, but increasingly by others who do write, is… “Why do you write?’ It’s a fair question and one I’m going to suggest you ask yourself, or allow me to ask it of you. If the answer is as simple as “because I enjoy writing”

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Mile 1: Why Me?

I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts about writing Westerns, specifically from the perspective of a new writer. This is the first one. If I were you, and I was considering reading this series, I’d be asking the following question… Why him? It’s a very fair question, so I asked myself… Why me?

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