Book Review: Strong Convictions

“Strong Convictions” is the first in a three-book series by Gary (G.P.) Hutchinson. The protagonist, Emmett Strong, has two tragedies strike him five years apart. The two combined control and direct his life. Joined by two friends, including the brother-in-law of his deceased wife, Strong heads to Nevada to track down his brother’s killer.

They wind up with far more than they bargained for, or imagined, as seemingly the entire state is controlled by one man, who, in true Old West evil fashion, will stop at absolutely nothing to keep and build his empire and satisfy his needs. At the same time, Strong finds himself immersed in a cultural war between whites and the Chinese, both at a town level and at a personal level. The odds seem stacked too high to bring his brother’s killer to justice, destroy what can only be considered an evil empire, get the girl and save his own skin.

I flatter myself to think there are parallels between Emmett Strong and Brock Clemons, the protagonist in my series: Coyote Courage, Coyote Creek and Coyote Canyon. Both men have high moral character, great physical attributes and courage. And they both fall for the beautiful girl. But neither is a miracle worker, and they each suffer for their mistakes.

I’m looking forward to continuing the Emmet Strong story and have already ordered “Strong Ambitions” and “Strong Suspicions.” There is a reason that Hutchinson’s “Strong Convictions” won the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best First Western in 2015. Pick up a copy of “Strong Convictions” today, and you won’t be disappointed.


Four horseshoes.

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