Book Review: Edge: The Loner

It seems appropriate to publish this review the day before Halloween. It is one scary book. The timing is also good because this will be one of the odder reviews that I write. It’s for a book I haven’t — and won’t — read.

George Gilman’s “Edge: The Loner” is one of the books featured in my newest book, “52 Weeks: 52 Western Novels.” It was a goal for me to read every book by every contributor in my book, but I just can’t.

The cover plug for “Edge” is that it is the No. 1 Violent New Series. As a marketing guy, I understand hyperbole, especially in pulp books, so I didn’t think too much of it. The back cover description was more specific, including, “This is the bloodiest and most violent story that ever erupted from our native territory.” It turns out this is not hyperbole, they may even be underselling the violence.

I struggled through the first 15 pages. The writing is decent, fairly standard Western fare, but the story is pure violence. Slow, agonizing torture is highlighted and detailed. To be candid, I just don’t have the stomach and didn’t have the desire to keep going. I probably read every page of about 49 out of every 50 books I start. This would be the 50th.

If excessive violence doesn’t bother you, you may enjoy “Edge: The Loner,” heck, you might even love the series. I’ll never know.

One horseshoe.

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