Scott Harris

Book Review: The Mark of Zorro

Johnston McCulley’s “The Mark of Zorro” was released, under this name, in 1924. It was originally published in 1919 under the name “The Curse of Capistrano,” which is Zorro’s other nickname throughout the book. Even most of us who haven’t read the book are familiar with the story through a variety of movies. Don Diego

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Quite the Compliment

I was recently at a blues club, getting ready to listen to some great music. We had a few people in our group, and shortly before the band came on, a friend of friend walked up to me, introduced himself and shared that he had read “Coyote Courage.” He went on to say that he

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Why Write?

Yesterday was a pretty regular Monday in my life. Worked during the day, spent some time in the morning and the evening working on my hobbies (mostly writing and RVing), and had some friends over for our monthly discussion about the Civil War. A pretty good day, especially for a Monday. But, and not once,

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