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Mile 50: Kindle Page Count

Unless something unusual happens, when you do finally get to publish your book (yay!), you’ll be selling it, at least in part, on Kindle and through Amazon. When that happens, you can sell your book in one of three ways: paperback, direct Kindle sale or Kindle Unlimited. When you sell a paperback, Amazon takes a

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When a man wakes up in Ogallala, Nebraska, which I did this morning, it’s almost impossible (or for me, impossible) for thoughts to not turn to Lonesome Dove — the greatest Western movie of all time and one of the best Western books of all time as well. Ogallala is where Dee Boot is jailed

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Mile 49: Forewords

When I signed with Dusty Saddle Publishing (and publicist Nick Wale), I was absolutely thrilled when they rereleased my first novel, “Coyote Courage.” I’ve written in previous blog posts about the value of great covers (which “Coyote Courage” now has), as well as excellent publicity, which it received. But I couldn’t have been more surprised

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Mile 48: Blog

There are as many ways to tackle writing a blog post as there are reasons to do so. For those of us who fancy ourselves writers, it gives us a creative outlet that is usually far easier than writing a novel. Blog posts can be of any length, but usually seem to run in the

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Mile 47: Website

In the previous blog post on having an author Facebook page separate from your personal Facebook page, I acknowledged that I am not certain how great the return on your investment of time is. While I think there is little to no risk or downside, I can’t promise that it will make a huge difference

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Forum Featuring Dorothy Wiley

When — and why — did you first fall in love with Westerns? I’ve loved Westerns for so long it’s hard to remember exactly when I fell in love with the genre. It may have started in junior high when I read all the Little House on the Prairie books, or in high school when

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