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Review Mea Culpa

It’s Sunday morning as I write this. As often as possible, I spend part of Sunday going through some of the Amazon reviews that people have been kind enough to post about books I have written. I make an effort to respond to each one, good or bad, and find the process to be enjoyable.

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Forum Featuring Meg Mims

When — and why — did you first fall in love with Westerns? I was in eighth grade when I went alone to the local movie theater to see “True Grit” with John Wayne. I’d always watched “Bonanza” and the Duke’s Western films on TV with my dad, but I didn’t want to miss seeing

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Mile 44: Publicist — Yes or No?

First-time writers will often ask, “Do I need a publicist?” Maybe. I have a publicist, and I think he does an amazing job for me. In all candor, this blog post will read like an ad for Nick Wale, the man handles my publicity. But before it does, let me take a step back. Outside

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Mile 43: Editor — Yes or No?

First-time writers will often ask, “Do I need an editor?” Sometimes, mistakenly, they answer, “No.” This happens for a variety of reasons. Maybe you were an English major in college and feel you have all the spelling and grammar expertise necessary. Maybe you really don’t want feedback on your project. Perhaps you think spellcheck covers

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Leaving Brock Behind

It was originally my plan to write one Western novel. It was a good plan and fit very well with my penchant for burning through hobbies quickly. It was a bucket list thing, a lark that promised fun and fulfillment. I started writing in 2017 and self-published “Coyote Courage” toward the end of that year.

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Mile 42: Amazon Author Page

Credibility and accessibility. If you’re wondering why you need an Amazon Author Page, those are the two reasons. Once you’ve finished your book (and you will!) and made it available for sale on Kindle and through Amazon (and you will), this is the next logical and important step. Of course, if you’ve signed with that

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