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Mile 33: Perfection

Perfect is the enemy of good. Many attribute this to Voltaire from the year 1770, and I’m going to go along with them, because it’s the message that matters, not so much the messenger. During WWII, in reaction to the devastating Luftwaffe attacks, a British man named Robert Watson-Watt developed an early warning system that

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Mile 32: Accuracy

I have mentioned the importance of factual accuracy in previous essays, but I believe it’s worth devoting an entire essay to. If you are going to use specifics in your writing, you need to ensure that they are accurate, right down to the caliber and word. Many Western readers are well versed in the history

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Mile 31: Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island is located off of the coast of Southern California and is the largest of the eight islands that make up the Channel Islands. It is 22 miles long, and at its widest point, it is 6 miles wide. It is one of the five islands that make up Channel Islands National Park.

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Mile 30: MasterClass

MasterClass is on online education platform, fairly new, but extremely well done, both in concept and execution. Last year my son generously bought me a full subscription to all of their tutorials and lectures. It has proven to be a joy and very beneficial. In the simplest of terms, the good people at MasterClass have

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Movie Review: Colorado Territory

“Colorado Territory” is a 1949 movie starring Joel McCrea. I watched it recently for the first time and really enjoyed it. In candor, it’s not a great movie, but it’s fun to watch and well worth the 94 minutes. McCrea and his co-star Virginia Mayo are fun to watch. Plus, the scenery is stunning and

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