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Forum Featuring Clint Clay

When — and why — did you first fall in love with Westerns? I have always loved Westerns. My brothers and I grew up watching them on the black and white television — “Roy Rogers,” “Gene Autry,” “The Lone Ranger,” “Sky King” and “Zorro” to name a few off the top of my head. But

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Six Bullets to Sundown, Volume 14

“Six Bullets to Sundown, Volume 14” is (and this should be no surprise) the 14th book in the “Six Bullets” series. It’s a relatively new series, and a new volume is being released almost monthly. This particular anthology has six stories by six different authors. As with most anthologies, I liked some stories more than

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Mile 27: Writers’ Groups

My last entry covered Facebook friends, and I mentioned two specific organizations: Western Fictioneers and Western Writers of America. In the simplest of terms, as soon as you are eligible, I strongly suggest joining both groups. They have each been tremendously helpful to me, and I look forward to becoming more and more involved as

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Movie Review: The Big Trail

“The Big Trail” is a 1930 film, and in the category of Western movies, this one would have to be considered important. It covered so much new ground, took chances previous movies never had and failed at the box office — a failure that banished a young John Wayne to almost a decade of minor

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