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Movie Review: Silverado

Right up front, let’s get this out of the way – “Silverado” is an extremely funny movie and at the same time, a great Western story. If you enjoy movies, enjoy humor and enjoy Westerns, this is the movie for you! “Silverado” opens with Emmett (Scott Glenn) killing three men who ambush him in a

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Movie Review: Maverick

“Maverick” is a comedy from start to finish — and a good one at that. Mel Gibson stars as the card-playing, wisecracking con artist Bret Maverick. James Garner plays Marshal Zane Cooper (Maverick’s dad) and makes it clear where Bret gets his attributes. Jodie Foster shows off her comedy chops as the beautiful Annabelle Bransford,

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Book Review: Johnny Vengeance

Johnny Welker was 14 years old when he was drawn running back to his home by the sound of gunshots. The rifle shot was from one of four “hardcases” who decided to kill his father rather than pay $1.75 for them and their horses to ride the ferry. His mother got off a harmless shot

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Book Review: Hondo

“Hondo” is Louis L’Amour’s first full-length novel (1953) and is considered by many to be his best. Hondo Lane, a dispatch rider for the U.S. Army, stumbles, horseless, onto a ranch in the middle of Arizona and the middle of an Apache/Army war. Angie Lowe and her 6-year-old son are alone on the ranch and

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