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Movie Review: Appaloosa

In the simplest of terms, this is a terrific movie, one of the better Westerns I’ve had the pleasure of watching — and I’ve now watched it a number of times. In 1882, Appaloosa, New Mexico, finds itself as a town without a city marshal or a spine. Appaloosa is under the thumb of the

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Book Review: The Hell Bent Kid

Charles O. Locke’s 1957 novel, “The Hell Bent Kid,” centers around a teenager, Tot Lohman, who is forced to defend himself at a schoolhouse dance and winds up killing Shorty Boyd, the son of a violent, vengeful cattle baron. Lohman finds himself on the wrong side of the power barons, especially Shorty’s dad, and though

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Book Review: Epitaph

“Epitaph” is one of five Westerns written by L.J. Washburn, whose full name is Livia J. Washburn. The story is about Hank Littleton, a teenage boy being raised by his grandfather in a small West Texas town. In a matter of days, Hank thwarts a robbery, killing two of the three would-be robbers, and in

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Book Review: Coyote Canyon

“Coyote Canyon” is a short novel written by Sharon Siamon. It is written for children, ages 10 through middle school, and I think it is fair to say the primary audience would be girls. It is set in the West, though late 20th century, not 19th. However, it is a Western. So why did I

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Book Review: Double Crossing

“Double Crossing” was Meg Mims’ first published novel, though she has since published many, including the sequel to “Double Crossing” — “Double or Nothing.” “Double Crossing” won the 2012 Best First Novel Spur Award from the Western Writers of America, and it was also a finalist for the USA Book News Award for fiction. “Double

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