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Book Review: The Big Drift

If you like cattle and cattlemen and enjoy reading about lonely and isolated cowboys fighting demons (internal and weather based), “The Big Drift” is for you. Zeke Boles is a recently freed slave, tearing himself apart for an accident that killed his boss, (who was also his former master), an accident he was not responsible

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Book Review: The Burning Hills

“The Burning Hills” is a Louis L’Amour book. The simple review is this: If you like Louis L’Amour books, you’ll like “The Burning Hills.” I was doing some research on first chapters and picked 10 Louis L’Amours for my homework. I sat down and read the first chapter of each book to look for patterns,

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Book Review: The Last Full Measure

“The Last Full Measure” is the third book in the Shaara Civil War trilogy. This one was written by Jeff Shaara, as was the first book in the series, “Gods and Generals.” The middle book, “The Killer Angels,” was a Pulitzer Prize winning classic written by Jeff’s father, Michael Shaara. Sadly, Michael passed before he

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First — and let’s get this out of the way right away — this is not a review for the 1939 classic movie of the same name and starring John Wayne. Whew. This is for the 1986 television remake starring Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. The four of them are much

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