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Movie Review: The Cowboys

“The Cowboys” is a 1972 release starring John Wayne, Roscoe Lee Brown and Bruce Dern. Mark Rydell directed the movie, which was based on the novel by William Dale Jennings. Terrific movie. We watch as Wil Anderson (John Wayne), who loses all of his hands to gold fever, hires on a bunch of teenage boys

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Movie Review: Buffalo Bill

“Buffalo Bill” is a 1944 release starring Joel McCrea and the always easy on the eyes Maureen O’Hara. It was directed by Bill Wellman and produced by Harry Sherman, best known for his Hopalong Cassidy films. “Buffalo Bill” is a fun film to watch as we follow a fictionalized version of William Cody (nicknamed Buffalo

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Movie Review: Colorado Ranger

“Colorado Ranger” is a one-hour, black and white “B” (maybe even “C”) Western. It was one of a series collection of six movies shot in a month — and it shows. The movie is riddled with mistakes and inconsistencies, but is no less fun as a result. There is plenty of shooting throughout the movie,

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Book Review: Valdez Is Coming

“Valdez Is Coming” is a 1970 novel by Elmore Leonard. As with everything I’ve read by Leonard, the story is great and the writing is even better. Leonard must’ve had a different typewriter than the rest of us, because the words, the beautiful language, just seems to flow. It’s a short book (my paperback copy

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Book Review: Wolf Moon

“Wolf Moon” is a 1993 novel by Ed Gorman. It’s my first Gorman novel, but it won’t be the last. The story starts out as many Westerns do. A young man makes a mistake and winds up serving almost a decade in a territorial prison, all the while his hatred growing for the man he

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