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The Night McLennan Died

The Night McLennan Died” is Marshall Grover’s very fun book. It has what you’ve come to expect from a good Western yarn: a small town cowed by a greedy rancher who has plenty of hired guns, beautiful women, a valiant, but outgunned and outmanned sheriff, and the stranger who rides into town to save everyone.

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Book Review: The Name’s Buchanan

Jonas Ward’s “The Name’s Buchanan,” starts out fast and picks up speed from there. It’s a short book and virtually every page is filled with action. If you like fights — gun or fist — this is the book for you. If you’re a fan of character development and slow-building plots, just move on to

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Book Review: Mustang Man

First, let me come right out and say it, I’m a huge Louis L’Amour fan. He was my introduction into Westerns and for decades has remained my “go-to” for a Saturday afternoon. I’ve read each of his books at least three times over the years and many of them more often than that. Before today,

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Book Review: Outrage at Blanco

I just finished reading Bill Crider’s “Outrage at Blanco.” I crawled into my hammock this morning and didn’t leave until I was done. It’s that good. Ellie Taine is raped while on her way home from town. Her husband, a farmer, attempts to avenge her rape and is killed for his efforts, gunned down in

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