Monthly Archives: November 2015

Million Dollar Smile

I had a great weekend in Cabo San Lucas with family and friends. The flight there and back was easy and would normally have been forgotten by the time the car pulled into the driveway. Except for two simple, but surprising, exchanges — one on the way out and one on the way back —

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Snow Day

My daughter, Samantha, is remarkably driven. When given a task, she will work hard at it, investing the time, intellect and the emotion necessary to not only complete it but do an excellent job. She did not get this ability to laser focus from her mother or me and we certainly did not pass it

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Cutting the Fat

“Lose weight while you sleep!” “Miracle drug peels way the pounds!” “Eat your way to weight loss!” Like most of us, I’ve seen these headlines for years, but never really paid attention until one morning a couple of years ago I woke up to discover what I suspect others had known for years –– I’d

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It’s A Good Vice

My son was 16 years old when I introduced him to cigars. It did not make his mother happy, which was completely understandable. One might ask why a father that considers himself responsible would introduce his high school-aged son to cigars? It’s a fair question — and one that was asked of me quite often.

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Both of my kids attended Red Oak Elementary School. Since they are five years apart, the two kids were consecutively in elementary school for more than 10 years. Nearly every Friday morning for those 10 years, I was in one, or both, of their classrooms reading to their classes. The books changed each week and

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Simple as ABC

I recently discovered a small breakfast café around the corner from my office, aptly named Side Street Cafe. It has great food, has friendly service and is way too inexpensive. Their menu includes one of my favorites — what they call the ABC (avocado, bacon and cheddar) omelet. I prefer my omelets scrambled (well done

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