Wells Fargo: Tone Deaf

August 3, 2016

“…this is a stark, self-imposed reminder that Wells Fargo doesn’t care about our community.”

Wells Fargo is very proud of the fact that they support 827 nonprofits in Los Angeles County. I love to see large corporations –– businesses of any size, actually –– supporting the various nonprofits that do so much for our communities and those in need, and I applaud Wells Fargo for its efforts. The fact that Wells Fargo supports 827 nonprofits in Los Angeles County is a good thing. I assume that is why they proudly share that piece of information on a well-placed billboard alongside the 101 Freeway. I believe I would find the information even more interesting, and relevant, if I lived or worked in LA County. But I don’t. I live and work in Ventura County, which for some odd reason is where the billboard is located. I have tried to figure out why Wells Fargo thinks placing this billboard in Ventura County is a good idea. Do they not support any nonprofits in Ventura County? Is LA County more important than Ventura County? My guess is that some LA-centric media buyer didn’t think the difference between LA and Ventura counties justified taking the time to add up how many nonprofits Wells Fargo supports in Ventura County and tweaking the billboard to reflect that information. They couldn’t even make an easy switch and say, “Southern California” instead of “Los Angeles County.” But regardless of the reason, for those of us who are already a little wary of how little big banks care about most of us, this is a stark, self-imposed reminder that Wells Fargo doesn’t care about our community. It is also a great opportunity for a Ventura County-based bank (or credit union) to buy a billboard and tout the support they offer to the nonprofits located right here in Ventura County.