Well, Well, Well…

August 4, 2016

Proudly supporting 59 nonprofits in Ventura County

Yesterday, I wrote about Wells Fargo being tone deaf by having a billboard in the middle of Ventura County touting their charitable work in, well, Los Angeles County. Based on the number of responses I received to my blog, I was not the only Ventura County resident surprised and a little offended by the billboard –– although pleased to see that they did support 827 nonprofits in LA County. But, sometime this week, Wells Fargo took the hint and changed the billboard –– now highlighting that they are, “Proudly supporting 59 nonprofits in Ventura County.” Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Wells Fargo does so much charitable work and that they do it in a variety of communities. However, if you’re going to then use that charitable work as part of a marketing campaign to try and convince people to bank with you because you’re good guys, highlighting the work you do in the community you’re marketing to makes a bit of good sense. Nevertheless, Wells Fargo, welcome to Ventura County =)