Prologue – Part Two

August 24, 2016
Yesterday, I posted the first half of the prologue from my Western novel, “Coyote Courage.” Today, I’m sharing the second half. Again, your feedback is very much welcome.
Prologue – Part Two With the help of the moon, I can make out Wolf sitting in the cave entrance, which explains the low growl, though I have no idea what’s outside that she feels needs to be warned away. As always though, it’s good to see her, and I feel better having Wolf in between me and whatever she thinks deserves to be growled at. There are a couple of rabbit carcasses close to Wolf, so we’ve been here long enough for her to have gotten hungry and gone hunting. When it comes to food, Wolf has always fended for herself, and more than once, when things have been tough, we’ve shared what she’s brought back. It’s beginning to look like this might be one of those times. Still looking, I can also just make out my saddle and saddlebags. That means I rode up here, so maybe I’m not hurt too bad. It also means that Horse is probably somewhere close, which is very good news indeed. I see my Winchester beside my saddlebags, and I can feel that I still have my gun belt on, even though I can’t yet move my arms and hands to reach it. I can see a fire ring off to the left, set back from the entrance of the cave but with a good line of sight, if one was concerned about both being warm and remaining unseen by any unwanted visitors. It looks like it hasn’t been used in years, so I may be the first person that’s been here in a long time, which means I’m not on a regular trail. As cold as I am, I’d love to see a fire burning now, but that’s going to have to wait until I feel better, or until Wolf finally learns to start a fire. My last thought before I fall back asleep is that while I don’t know where I am, I do know I’m a long way from London. Three days previous…