ROPE AND WIRE — A Collection of Scott Harris Western Shorts

March 28, 2018

Need a fix, and have already read “Coyote Courage,” Coyote Creek,” and “Coyote Canyon?”

Head on over to my author page on Rope and Wire, a website that promotes the West and those who write about it, to read a few of my featured Western stories I’ve written over the past few months.

Below, are some teasers!

Miss Parsons

Annabelle Parsons was sixty-eight years old and had lived her entire life in Tucson. More specifically, she had lived her entire life at the St. Joseph’s Orphanage.

She was born at St. Joseph’s in 1801, along with her twin sister, Abigail. They both lived there until their sixteenth birthday. They were usually fed, usually warm and usually happy. They received some education, though not very much, and certainly not formal, but they could read and write and do a little of their numbers.


The Hat

The calendar says it’s early spring, but the weather hasn’t quite let go of winter. The sun is falling quickly—along with the temperature—and it’s starting to feel like this might be the coldest night of an already cold trip. Supper, a fire and especially a hot cup of coffee sound even better than they usually do as I button up my jacket against the first few flakes of snow.

We’ve been on the trail for a week, which is the longest I’ve been gone since making Dry Springs my home. I must be getting a little soft, since before last fall I’d spent more than two years on the trail and usually felt pretty good, and now, after only a week—and not a hard week at that—I’m a little sore, and tired.


The Perfect Gift

Reverend Matt was excited as he jumped up on top of the bar of the Dusty Rose Saloon. The Rev loved every day and he certainly looked forward to Sundays, but this was Christmas and so it was special. Last night, Matt’s wife, Stacy, had thought he was more excited about this morning and giving his sermon than she and her brothers had been on Christmas Eve when they were little and looking forward to their presents the next morning.


Other short stories of mine featured on the site include: “Aftermath,” “New to Town,” “Cisco,” “Severo,” “Sophie,” “The Game,” “Willy” and “Jicarilla.”

Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!