Pizza as a Negotiating Tool

June 30, 2016

Pizza as a negotiating tool.

It is my experience that more favors are done in the name of pizza, than just about anything else in the world. This is most especially true for those fortunate enough to still be in their 20’s. Pizza and beer. Paint parties, moving parties, etc. All seem to come with promise of pizza and the implied request to labor for free. This would make a great advertising campaign for a pizza chain. Instead of the standard, delivered for free, how cheap can we go, or much cheese can stick on a flat piece of bread, how about a lifestyle campaign? Comes with its own, edible delivery device. Knives, forks, even plates are only for the fastidious. Get to argue with transplanted Chicagoans and New Yorkers. Great debates over “true” pizzas. Does pineapple count? Not houty touty. Win a bar bet over where it was invented. Poker, moving, painting, late night meetings, all include “I’ll order up a couple of pizzas.”