OUT NOW ~ 52 Weeks * 52 Western Novels: Old Favorites & New Discoveries

October 20, 2017

For years, I have read at least one book per week. As part of the ritual, every January 1, I take a new pack of playing cards, open it up and use each of the 52 cards (loving the symmetry of there being 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year) as a bookmark. Yes, I’m old-fashioned enough to still read books that aren’t on a Kindle.

I thought it would be fun to publish a series of books, highlighting 52 selected books, that readers could use as a reference. For each book, I give a synopsis of the book, along with my review, some background on the author, a fun fact (or two), why the book is important to me, details on the movie version (if there is one) and always, at the end of each spread, highlight my favorite quote from the selected book.

Paul Bishop is a friend and a longtime friend of Westerns. We decided to do one together, focused on 52 Western novels. Most are 250 pages or less. Some are well-known classics and some are more obscure, though no less fun for being less well-known.

We invited some friends, also Western fans — and in many cases — Western authors, to make contributions, and today we are releasing our book: “52 Weeks * 52 Western Novels: Old Favorites & New Discoveries.”

With special thanks to Nerissa Stacy who proofed and edited the entire book, to Kari Kurti for her brilliant design and to our contributors: Terry Alexander, Bill Crider, Brian Drake, Peter Brandvold, John Oak Dalton, Cullen Gallagher, Greg Goode, Eric Harper, Jack Martin, Meg Mims, Steve Myall, Gary Phillips, James Reasoner and Tom Simon, Paul and I are proud to release the book!

Of course, a special thanks to my partner in this project, Paul Bishop, and should you be so inclined, jump over to Amazon and take a look.

I hope you love the book and I look forward to any and all comments and feedback! We are already working on “52 Weeks * 52 Western Movies,” “52 Weeks * 52 Western TV Shows” and the follow-up to the book we released today, “52 Weeks * 52 More Western Novels.”

You can get your copy today on Amazon, HERE!

Enjoy and have a great day!