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18 July

Why Write?

Yesterday was a pretty regular Monday in my life. Worked during the day, spent some time in the morning and the evening working on my hobbies (mostly writing and RVing), and had some friends over for our monthly discussion about the Civil War. A pretty good day, especially for a Monday. But, and not once, Read More
I’m thrilled to be able to announce that “Coyote Creek” is now available! The first book in the Brock Clemons Western series is “Coyote Courage”, which was my first fiction novel. I found it much more difficult—and enjoyable—to write than my nonfiction books. I had no idea how it would be received, but it seems Read More
22 May


My son recently shot a coyote with a BB gun. When he suggested it, I agreed that it was a good (sad, but necessary) idea and so he did it. We live in an old horse neighborhood — no streetlights, no sidewalks — and we back up to a creek and an arroyo. In the Read More
Michael Moseley was a general in the United States Air Force. He was also, at one point in his career, the vice chief of staff and was headquartered in Washington D.C. I know this because I found his business card in a hardback copy of Jeff Shaara’s World War I novel, “To The Last Man.” Read More
My wife, Randi, and I try to have two to three television programs at any one time that we record and watch at our leisure. It eliminates commercials (as someone who owns an ad agency, I see the irony) and keeps our television viewing (not counting Packer games) to two to three hours per week. Read More

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