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“The Day the Cowboys Quit” is a 1971 Elmer Kelton book, based in the early 1880s on the Texas Panhandle. Things are changing rapidly, and few, if any, are equipped to handle the change. The old-school cowboys want to keep their way of life, working hard for $25 a month, Read More
“The Californios” is a Louis L’Amour book, which means I’m predisposed to like it, which I did. It has been almost 10 years since the last time I read it, so the benefit of my bad memory paid off, and I got to enjoy it almost as if it were Read More
“Strong Convictions” is the first in a three-book series by Gary (G.P.) Hutchinson. The protagonist, Emmett Strong, has two tragedies strike him five years apart. The two combined control and direct his life. Joined by two friends, including the brother-in-law of his deceased wife, Strong heads to Nevada to track Read More
If you like cattle and cattlemen and enjoy reading about lonely and isolated cowboys fighting demons (internal and weather based), “The Big Drift” is for you. Zeke Boles is a recently freed slave, tearing himself apart for an accident that killed his boss, (who was also his former master), an Read More
“The Burning Hills” is a Louis L’Amour book. The simple review is this: If you like Louis L’Amour books, you’ll like “The Burning Hills.” I was doing some research on first chapters and picked 10 Louis L’Amours for my homework. I sat down and read the first chapter of each Read More