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Johnny Welker was 14 years old when he was drawn running back to his home by the sound of gunshots. The rifle shot was from one of four “hardcases” who decided to kill his father rather than pay $1.75 for them and their horses to ride the ferry. His mother Read More
“Hondo” is Louis L’Amour’s first full-length novel (1953) and is considered by many to be his best. Hondo Lane, a dispatch rider for the U.S. Army, stumbles, horseless, onto a ranch in the middle of Arizona and the middle of an Apache/Army war. Angie Lowe and her 6-year-old son are Read More
Charles O. Locke’s 1957 novel, “The Hell Bent Kid,” centers around a teenager, Tot Lohman, who is forced to defend himself at a schoolhouse dance and winds up killing Shorty Boyd, the son of a violent, vengeful cattle baron. Lohman finds himself on the wrong side of the power barons, Read More
“Epitaph” is one of five Westerns written by L.J. Washburn, whose full name is Livia J. Washburn. The story is about Hank Littleton, a teenage boy being raised by his grandfather in a small West Texas town. In a matter of days, Hank thwarts a robbery, killing two of the Read More
“Coyote Canyon” is a short novel written by Sharon Siamon. It is written for children, ages 10 through middle school, and I think it is fair to say the primary audience would be girls. It is set in the West, though late 20th century, not 19th. However, it is a Read More