Mutual Benefit

July 6, 2016

“Be less concerned with what happens, then what you become in the process.”

I was recently contacted and asked to respond to an RFP for a company looking for a new website and an overall marketing campaign. The gentlemen who called was someone I met, but didn’t work with, almost 20 years ago. He remembered me — and Mustang — and feels we might be a good fit. It is, of course, flattering to be remembered, and we are excited about being invited to be a part of the process. But, the reason for this blog post is because of the way he is handling the process. We got rolling with an initial phone call, in which he was detailed and all of our questions were answered. We responded with a preliminary proposal, which he reviewed in detail. So far, the process hadn’t been too unusual. It’s what happened next that stands out in my mind. We set up a conference call, and he walked us through the proposal, page by page. He pointed out areas that should be highlighted and others that should be less prominent. He gave us insight into his owners and others that will be involved in the selection process, and he shared the things he thinks they’ll be looking for. And it’s not just us; he’s doing this for the firms we are competing against. When I asked him why, he replied that he wanted each firm to be shown in their best light, giving his company the best chance to select the right fit. He is not offering us a competitive advantage, but rather doing his best to ensure that his company makes the best possible choice and has the highest likelihood of success with regards to the website and the campaign. This approach is unusual, if not unique. And, it is thoughtful, productive and professional. I sent him a note today telling him this, and he simply responded…. Very kind of you. Thanks for the note. There is a saying: “Be less concerned with what happens, then what you become in the process.” I have enjoyed our discussions, and it will be interesting to see how things unfold. I really hope we land the account.