Merry Christmas

December 24, 2015
For each of the past seven holiday seasons at Mustang Marketing, we have had the same discussion/argument/debate over “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas.” Danny Bracco, who was our senior writer for those seven years (he’s since been gobbled up by some Bay Area dot-com) would always argue for “happy holidays.” He pointed out, correctly, that not everyone celebrated Christmas (Jews, atheists, Scrooge, etc.) and some were offended by the reference/assumption. I would generally react that, while I’m not a Christian and I married a Jew, I loved the sentiment of “Merry Christmas” and took it pretty much as a seasonal “have a good day!” proclamation. I also have grown tired of political correctness run amuck, microaggressions (a silly excuse to be unhappy) and the endless rants of those offended by any and all references to Christmas and Christianity. At the same time, I love celebrating Christmas. I love decorating the tree, chili and presents, but mostly I love family getting together, being together and celebrating their love. It’s hard to knock that. The biggest “Christmas person” in our family has always been my beautiful Jewish wife, Randi, who pooh-poohed her family for not participating in our Christmas celebrations early on in our marriage. Now, by the way, we can’t keep them away from these celebrations. Christmas Eve this year will, as has been for years, have more Jews than Christians in attendance at our home. Randi’s family will bring Christmas tree ornaments as gifts. They’ll help us decorate the tree and share in the Harris family tradition of eggnog (with the occasional adult beverage added) paired with cornbread and chili. Looking back at it, I think both Danny and I missed the point. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy New Year or happy Hanukkah – they all convey the same sentiment: It’s a great time of year! Share any or all of these phrases with family and friends and know that, for at least a moment, someone was thinking of you and wishing you and yours the very best. So, this one’s for Danny: happy holidays everyone!