It’s a Novel!

February 29, 2016

I finished writing my first novel yesterday. It’s a short novel to be sure, a little more than 50,000 words, but a novel nonetheless. Outside of resumes and expense reports, it’s my first work of fiction. I have written and published a business book; “RoadMap, A Guide to a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan,” and wrote a book, for which I’m currently seeking an agent, of 52 of my quotes; “Quips, Quotes and Occasional Words of Wisdom,”— but this one is different.

It’s a Western in the style of Louis L’Amour (hopefully) and was an absolute joy to write. L’Amour has written about 100 Westerns and I reread them every five years or so — and always love them. My wife, Randi, is the one who suggested (strongly) that I try my hand at writing one. I mulled it around in my head for a few months, while working on other, now delayed, writing projects, and then hit upon a character and a story that I thought I would enjoy reading.

I started writing and the story just came pouring out. The character development surprised me, and characters that didn’t even exist in my head when I started became a part of the story. And, in some ways, they became a part of me. I have come to love the four main characters and fully intend to keep writing about them.

I hope that I can find an agent, a publisher and an audience, as I imagine most writers do. However, through this process, I learned that I am not writing for them, but, rather, I’m writing for myself. As long as I enjoy the process, the characters, the story and the end product, it has been a successful venture.

So, while I hope that my book will be published, that you will have an opportunity to read it and most of all — that you enjoy it, I’m already ready to call this venture a success.

BTW — the title of the book is “Coyote Courage.”