First Client

January 29, 2016
Mustang Marketing’s first client, thirty years ago, was a small manufacturing company out of Burbank named Comco Inc. They manufacture micro-abrasive blasters (miniature sandblasters, if you will). They were a great company then and still are now. The company is also still a family-owned business. I met the founder, but worked mostly, and closely, with his son, Neil Weightman. We became friends and both fancied ourselves as weekend philosophers. We used to, and still do now about once a year, buy a burger, fries and shake from a little walk-up burger joint close to their office and walk across the street to a small park to eat. At the time, we rarely talked business, but discussed nearly everything else: family, politics, religion, the economy, Boy Scouts, etc. When we weren’t at the park, Neil was generous in sharing his business advice with me, serving as a bit of a mentor as I navigated running a new business. Even now, when I am approached by a young entrepreneur who is looking for advice and direction, I always say “yes.” I then think of Neil and hope that he’d recognize some of the advice I just passed on, which is just as valid now, 30 years later, as it was when he first shared it with me. Neil’s advice focused on ethics. Always do the right thing, even if it’s hard. He thought long term, which is probably why his business is on its third generation. He also stressed treating your employees and vendors the same way you do your customers, because they are equally important to your success and it’s the right thing to do. Neil has since retired and his son, Colin, has taken over the business. I first met Colin at his parents’ house when he was still pre-kindergarten, so it’s a little odd, but fun, to see him now running the family business — and doing a great job at it. I always enjoyed my conversations with Neil and remain grateful to him for having been the first to take a chance on Mustang and on me. Thank you, Neil — the next Tommy’s burger is on me.