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"I started writing and the story just came pouring out. The character development surprised me, and characters that didn’t even exist in my head when I started became a part of the story. And in some ways, they became a part of me."

-Scott Harris

Coyote Creek Available Now!

Brock Clemons leaves Dry Springs — and the people he’s grown to love — in search of his father, but his plans are altered when a brutal and shocking discovery... Read More

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Coyote Courage Available Now!

Brock Clemons rides into the small town of Dry Springs simply looking for a place to grab a cigar and a good night’s sleep. Instead, he finds a town being strangled... Read More

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Scott Harris - Author

To hear Scott Harris tell a story — it’s as though you were beside him in his adventure, his penchant for excitement and his craving for conquering the unknown. A Western enthusiast since discovering the works of Louis L’Amour, Scott invites you into his world of all things Western… and the tale of Brock Clemons.

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Scott Harris